Greetings all,
I use the text editor textmate for all my coding needs.  The problem is there is no language bundle for it for asm x86 syntax, and no highlighted syntax is boring and cumbersome.  So I want to write my own language grammar bundle for it, but I realize that I dont know all the language!  My question is, is there a source somewhere that would tell me all the commands, variable usage, what are constants, what code is used for what, etc, so I could compare it all?  Basically, I want to find, for example, what are all the commands like start and end and org and the like, plus mov and those.  Also, all the dos functions I would be using to mov around, so that I can have the functions highlighted different than say a hex code.
Does any of this make sense? lol
I am brand new to all of this, just taking assembly in school right now, so thought I would try this out too.
Thank you for any help!
Posted on 2008-08-31 00:15:14 by thatryan
What you need to highlight is:
- CPU commands (look inside the intel's manuals, for example, especially volumes 2a and 2b)
- CPU Registers (same source as above, volume 1)
- Assembler directives (look for your assembler's help file)
- operators like  + - * , . [ ] ( )
- constants (any number, either decimal, binary, octal or hex, which is not inside a string)
- strings (any character inside a single or double quote)
- comments (any character on a line starting with semicolon)

These make like 95% of all assembly source code texts.
Posted on 2008-08-31 00:54:51 by ti_mo_n
Great, thank you very much.  I downloaded those three volumes so I guess I will get to reading! 
Posted on 2008-08-31 13:30:22 by thatryan