Hi All,
I have the following code, and I need to make some changes so save is called inline. Any idea?

call    save
push    (_irq_handlers+4*irq)
call    _intr_handle
pop    ecx                             
cmp    (_irq_actids+4*irq), 0
jz      0f                               
orb    al, [1<<irq]
0:      movb    al, END_OF_INT
        outb    INT_CTL             

Posted on 2008-09-06 14:02:03 by faris05
it's seem you want to make a macro  :D
Posted on 2008-09-07 12:49:31 by secmask
it is a macro, hHere is the complete code. hwint_master needs to call save inline

#define hwint_master(irq)      \
call    save                    /* save interrupted process state */;\
push    (_irq_handlers+4*irq)  /* irq_handlers              */;\
call    _intr_handle            /* intr_handle(irq_handlers) */;\
pop    ecx                                                        ;\
cmp    (_irq_actids+4*irq), 0  /* interrupt still active?        */;\
jz      0f                                                          ;\
inb    INT_CTLMASK            /* get current mask */              ;\
orb    al, [1<<irq]            /* mask irq */                      ;\
outb    INT_CTLMASK            /* disable the irq                */;\
0:      movb    al, END_OF_INT                                              ;\
outb    INT_CTL                /* reenable master 8259          */;\

below is the code for save

        .align  16
        cld                    ! set direction flag to a known value
        pushad                  ! save "general" registers
  o16 push    ds              ! save ds
  o16 push    es              ! save es
  o16 push    fs              ! save fs
  o16 push    gs              ! save gs
        mov    dx, ss          ! ss is kernel data segment
        mov    ds, dx          ! load rest of kernel segments
        mov    es, dx          ! kernel does not use fs, gs
        mov    eax, esp        ! prepare to return
        incb    (_k_reenter)    ! from -1 if not reentering
        jnz    set_restart1    ! stack is already kernel stack
        mov    esp, k_stktop
        push    _restart        ! build return address for int handler
        xor    ebp, ebp        ! for stacktrace
        jmp    RETADR-P_STACKBASE(eax)

        .align  4
        push    restart1
        jmp    RETADR-P_STACKBASE(eax)

Posted on 2008-09-07 13:11:35 by faris05
I believe what secmask tried to say is that you want to make the save routine a macro as well - assemblers generally don't do automatic inlining of functions, that's a HLL compiler's job.
Posted on 2008-09-07 16:44:51 by f0dder
Thats the Rule, not the Exception - OA32 supports inline methods - and yes, they are.
Posted on 2008-09-08 11:41:17 by Homer