I actual use a Editfield without Border and it looks like a Flat one having a black line around.
How to change the Color of the Editfield Text and the Background i know ,but how can i change those ugly Black Border Line to another Color ?

Also how can i change the color of my Dialogs ,i only know how to make them white,gray.... ?

Is there a Page or Textfile showing how to change Colors in ASM or do you like to share what you allready found out ?

Id like to know all Controls where i can change the Colors and how to do it ,sounds maybe lame but where to start searching something you dont know.....

MfG Peter
Posted on 2001-07-21 01:52:11 by Peter
Hello again

im shure i wrote the Question wrong ,sorry.

I mean not how can i change the Text and Background Color of Listboxes and Editfields , that i found allready inside windows.inc :-)

What i mean is how can i change the "border" of a Listbox ?
They are alltime black.
I also use a combobox ,here the border is white.

So id like to change booth borders to get a better look :-)

Posted on 2001-07-21 08:42:54 by Peter
Afternoon, Peter.

You can use 'SetSysColor'.:)

Here's an example from the Platform SDK.

// window elements to change 

int aiElements[3] = {COLOR_ACTIVEBORDER,

// array of RGB values
DWORD aColors[3];

// Define the new colors.

aColors[0] = RGB(0x80, 0x00, 0x80); // dark purple
aColors[1] = RGB(0x00, 0x80, 0x80); // dark cyan
aColors[2] = RGB(0xC0, 0xC0, 0xC0); // light gray

// Set the window elements in aiElements to the colors
// specified in aColors.

SetSysColors(3, aiElements, aColors);

Just convert the code into what you need.:alright:

To find out what 'window elements' you can change, look up 'GetSysColor'.

Posted on 2001-07-21 22:19:01 by Scronty