Strange problem  :shock:

First of all, this program has no malicious code
some alarm bells may go off from av's because the program execute another program in memory !
that program is a harmless "hello world" example

I try to make a protection for compiled autoit scripts
Because they are very easy to decompile.

i converted an autoit.exe to db file and included it as inc.
it works great !
but there is still no protection,
soo i encrypted the autoit.exe with xor and converted it to a db file.
but the autoit.exe does not run anymore in memory.
i allso wrote it back to disk to check if something has changed.
but the file written to disk runs fine !
i loaded the originale file and the file that was written to disk into an hex editor,
and the 2 files where 100% indentical.

all files written in native code are running fine when they are encrypted and decrypted
all files that uses interpretation languages dont work anymore when they are encrypted and decrypted

if i dont use any encryption with files that are written in interpretation languages
then they are working fine.

i don't have any clue what the problem is
theoritical it must work !

if any pro want to look at the files;

source included

kind Regards
Posted on 2009-01-29 14:06:56 by jpam
The file doesn't open anymore. I get a 404 File not found error.

How are you trying to run autoit.exe from the memory of your program?
Posted on 2009-03-08 06:43:05 by comrade