I've heard that Apple is about to release new Mac Minis with new specifications, better hardware and almost the same price of the Mac Minis that are already in the market. Anybody has more information?
Posted on 2009-02-23 06:09:46 by XCHG
Haven't heard about it... wouldn't mind having a Mac Mini to do some test OS X coding and generally playing around (it's the only realistic alternative to Windows imho), and the mini box is quite small & cute. But they're too expensive...

Mac mini 2.0GHz, 2gig ddr2-667, 160gig sata drive, 8x DVD-R burner: DKK 5.023
2.4GHz core2, 2gig ddr2-667, 160gig sata drive, asrock mobo w/onboard gfx, NEC 20x DVD-R burner, Silverstone case: DKK 2.883 .

So, the mac mini is 1.47x more expensive while being inferior hardware. The standard PC could've been done even cheaper if I had picked a worse cabinet, but I tried finding one that was decent and small (still nowhere nearly as cute as the mac mini, though!). And the PC is of course without OS (damn apple for only selling it with their hardware). But still...
Posted on 2009-02-23 07:29:34 by f0dder
I agree that they are more expensive than PC although they are not superior. I just realized that software written for the Mac is actually worth something but on the PC, it doesn't matter what you write but still it is either created before or it if it is not and your software becomes successful, it will be cracked within a week. So to me there is really not much point developing for the PC anymore although I will continue doing so; just because I love PCs and the Windows Operating System.
Posted on 2009-02-23 10:25:24 by XCHG
XCHG: mac software is also cracked, even if the 'scene' isn't as big as the PC. There really isn't anything you can do about piracy, except writing good software which the honest people will buy.
Posted on 2009-02-23 23:09:15 by f0dder
That's so true. I also agree that the number of cracked software on the Mac are less because the number of people willing to crack software on the Mac are less and that's all. I'm off topic now :D So back to the main topic, anybody has any idea if Apple is about to release an update to Mac Mini? I've heard rumors but I'm not sure.
Posted on 2009-02-24 03:38:49 by XCHG
I'm waiting on this one...

iMac Wheel
Posted on 2009-02-24 13:33:22 by donkey

I'm waiting on this one...

iMac Wheel

Frankly I don't know what Apple was thinking when creating this laptop. I want to see its users type with the speed more than 10-20 words per minute :D At the end of the video it says that the guy who was trying this laptop "spent 45 minutes typing AN email to his friend". One email took the guy 45 minutes to type :(
Posted on 2009-02-24 15:59:26 by XCHG

Its not real....
Posted on 2009-02-24 16:21:27 by donkey
What a relief :D
Posted on 2009-02-25 04:06:03 by XCHG
The new Mac Mini is out.

Posted on 2009-03-05 11:29:15 by XCHG