Incredibly small update, I was trying resource based urls and added a resource based page to display a custom page when a navigation error occurs.

BTW I really need to know if interprocess communication works under Vista, just run the prog and double click the "Find ExitProcess" link.
Posted on 2009-03-09 01:13:34 by donkey
Version uploaded

This update deals with an issue I had with the fail page, when a url fails it remains in the history and displays the default "not found" IE page when you hit back. After struggling with DispGetParam, I wrote a macro to deal with the events dispparams member and have replaced that lame-a** function throughout the program. With the new macro came the ability to cancel the navigation since the pointers passed to the sink are now handled directly instead of through a proxy. With that new ability I have canceled the navigation and displayed the NavFail page (or the resource based one if the collection has none), the IE "not found" page will not be in the history so pressing Back will bring you to the last good url.

Note that I am no longer including the OBJ or RES file in the zip

Posted on 2009-03-11 16:13:26 by donkey

I added a Google button to google for a keyword, to use it you will obviously need an internet connection, because of that the Google button is only shown if a test for an internet connection returns success otherwise the button is removed from the toolbar. I have been using this for a couple of days and find it very useful so I have added it to the release version.

EDIT: Since the dialog was trapping the enter key the webbrowser control was not receiving a VK_RETURN, though this was not a critical issue, it was annoying so I decided to relay the key to the control if it was pressed. The alternative was to subclass the webbrowser but since the get_HWND method did not return a result I could think of no practical way to do it so this small hack was my solution. There is no version increment for this change as it adds no features and barely qualifies as a bug fix.
Posted on 2009-03-14 21:55:36 by donkey
Version uploaded

Implemented the splitter bar to resize the controls relative to each other, also the program now saves the window size and position as well as the relative control sizes to the registry and loads them on startup.

< added mouse clipping so the focus rectangle could not be sized beyond the fixed limits in the application, also limited the size the main window could be reduced to>
Posted on 2009-03-15 17:13:08 by donkey
Version uploaded

Well, with the concentration today on the GUI for the application I have fixed a long standing issue. Not sure where I got the idea that the index lookup could be on the toolbar and the index search could not, it adds inconsistency to the GUI so to fix the problem I have moved the index lookup to the tab, it looks and works like the search tab. The index lookup button has been removed from the toolbar, the old dialog doubled as the google dialog, it now only does google searches.

<a minor change with no version increment, the text entered in search or index is now transferred to the google dialog since I suspect that for the most part it will be used to enhance searches. The search tab is first checked, any text found there is transferred, if none is found then the index tab is checked, if no text is found in the index tab the google text box is left blank. An index search from the command line now displays the search string in the index tab. Both the index and search tabs were clipping the top of the tab control by a couple of pixels, this has been corrected>
Posted on 2009-03-16 02:30:32 by donkey