I'm getting so sick of college, nearing the end and I suppose I'm just getting antsy. I've got nothing but core classes (ie no more tech/computer classes) from here on out so everything just seems to be bleeding together. This quarter it's Economics and College Trig., although I have found a decent use of my time in the Trig class...

I call it "Night-time in the forest" lol

I've also been learning TI-Basic to make my calculator do my homework for me (now if only it had a printer and OCR compatible scanner). :evil:

Well, that's pretty much what I've been up to, what about yourselves?

Posted on 2009-04-13 22:34:08 by Synfire
Definitely not spending my time fooling with a graphics calculator. Just like you my semester is coming to an end, and the thought of the upcoming exams is horrible. (My major is mathematics and math professors are always out to kill their students!)
Posted on 2009-04-14 09:40:31 by roticv
I've been making moonshine and wine.
Posted on 2009-04-14 09:53:08 by Homer
You're bald? Man, I keep telling my wife that I'd love to try 'bald' as a style for me but she just won't hear anyuthing about it. :(

Personally, I'm not doing all too much... I'm farting around with C#, thinking about opening those heavy MCSE books and schedule one of the six exams and try to be a great dad and husband while being unemployed and living off my 401K ;)

My wife just got a phone call telling her that if her background checks out that she'll be in the police academy by June :thumbsup: How about them apples?
Posted on 2009-04-14 10:01:29 by JimmyClif

Actually wee are just starting this quarter (about 3 weeks in now), When I said I'm nearing the end I meant I would be graduating soon. Honestly I've been screwing around with the calculator because, even though math isn't my strong point, the material we are covering is a bit below me. My instructor swears the end of the quarter will be better, when we get into logarithms but for now she has to follow the course outline.

Btw, good luck on the finals. Last quarter for my English final I got points deducted because I went overboard with my oral exam and did a 14 minute discussion on H.G. Wells when we were only supposed to talk for 7 minutes XD.


Don't get caught with that stuff mate (keep it under the legal amount).

Have you tried out Mikm's recipe? Is that what you are making? He was trying to get me to let him bootleg some to me at one time so I could try it but I think customs would would have my arse in a sling for that one. :p


Yep, razor shaved! I usually shave my head once every two weeks and let it grow out over that time so it stays pretty short. Some women think it's "gross" but other seem to like it. I just like not  having to screw with brushing my hair every day.

If you are going to do the MCSE get a lot of experience with the net command. Our MCSE class got to take the MCSE prep test and at least 75% of the command line questions were on the net command. Over half of us failed it because at that time we hadn't covered but basic usage for like 'net view', 'net send', and 'net use'.. but there are a ton of other modules you really need to know.

Congradulations for your wifes good fortune and my condolences that your wife will now be carrying a firearm, a nightstick, mase, and a tazer around the house... tread softly my friend. XD
Posted on 2009-04-14 13:15:40 by Synfire