Has anybody coded with Cocoa or Cocoa Touch? If yes, don't you think that Win32 API compared to that is just a dot compared to the outer space? I mean still people here and there have to have problems changing the background color of a button for example. Apple has Quartz while poor Windows has GDI. I have worked with both but to be honest, Quartz, even that which is supported on the iPhone, is thousands of times better, smoother and more appealing than the GDI. Is it just me who thinks like this?
Posted on 2009-04-17 17:55:15 by XCHG
Apple don't need to care about backwards compatibility, while Win32 carries the weight of a billion apps.
At least there's GDI, GDI+, DDraw, DX7/8/9/10/11, opengl, a thousand libs to help you draw in the style you want, OLE to add widgets, and a messaging system that doesn't limit you from the beginning.
Win32 is simple, yeah. But when 60,000-300,000 API, ordered in 3,000 classes (mobile Java stuff, from my job) don't let you do even 3% of what Win32 can do, then maybe comparisons of quantity don't mean anything.
Posted on 2009-04-17 18:56:34 by Ultrano
I completely agree with that. Apple really doesn't care about backward compatibility. However, Quartz Core which is a framework that you can link your applications to, is somehow the GDI+ for Apple while Core Graphics is the GDI. With Core Graphics, you can do everything that GDI does while your application will look so much better (IMO) and it will definitely appeal more to the end user. I have a bit of experience with Quartz but you can do amazing things with it. For example one of the things I like about the structure of Objective C mixed with Cocoa Touch on the iPhone is that you never have to get too down and dirty with the core API. All the things you might want are already there and you will just extend the components and add things to them if you like. The reason I started comparing these two was that the simplest stuff you can do with Cocoa on the Mac, you must put time into understanding them when programming with Win32 API and I think the outcome won't look as nice as how it does on the Mac but that's just my opinion.
Posted on 2009-04-18 02:44:13 by XCHG