I want to announce a new live update available for the ObjAsm32 package.
The additions were made on the Scripting, net communication (IOCP) and DirectX fields.

The script technology is not new, but it is still present in Vista and Win7 operating systems. This warranties that it will be between us at least for the next few years.

Now we are able to run a script (i.e. VBScript) inside our own applications, interfacing the script engine with our code, making it possible to perform some high level customization of the application low level code.
Debugging support for the script engine is also available and can be disabled if required.

The goal here was to simplify the COM access to the script engine and to provide an easy way to extend the interface to the application. I include an example in the attachment which is also included in the live update together with all sources.

This is a fork of a private project that uses IOCP for high performance net communication. There are several objects that work together around the IOCP core.
Some time ago, our initial tests showed that we reached the full cable bandwidth of our internet connection.

New additions were made and some design issues were corrected to provide a better platform for using DirectX. Only for demonstration purposes, Demo13 shows how to interface the Script Engine with DirectX.

Some enhancements on the OA32 object model were also achieved, in particular on the multithreading capabilities which are inspired on the Noble project and some open source lock free algos.

All servers were updated. If you experience any problems to pass through your proxy, you can download the zip file containing the latest changes from the \DwnFiles\OA32_SRC.ZIP server directory.


Posted on 2009-04-26 05:00:14 by Biterider