My usual strategy is to use VB6 with an imported C++ DLL that has inline ASM when I need fast code, but I'd rather see an integrated approach to this problem. In many cases 90% of the code doesn't need to be fast and can be managed/wrapped or whatever, but most HLLs have the problem that the 10% that does need to be fast has to be imported from another language. Isn't there a lang. that supports rapid development but gives this sort of flexibility?
Posted on 2009-05-04 19:53:08 by BinaryAlgorithm
I'll go for the unusual answer since you probably haven't heard of this.
You can code your app in Autohotkey and use DllCall to call your ASM or C functions

Graphical User Interfaces are really easy to make with Autohotkey and the language syntax is sweet. Shortcuts are also really easy to make. If your app needs global shortcuts, this makes it so much easier.

Posted on 2009-05-04 22:40:19 by ChaperonNoir
ObjAsm32 is an OOP programming environment which facilitates rapid project development.
It is implemented as a set of macros and utility functions for use with the MASM assembler.
Specifically, OA32 was written to provide OOP support for asm programmers who wish to write code which is interoperable with C++/COM/VB/etc, or who just want to take advantage of the benefits of object-oriented programming while still enjoying the full benefits of assembly language programming.
OA32 is being actively developed (by members of this board), and among many features, has its own 'smart updater' which avoids the need to download and install the entire package in order to obtain the latest updates.

Posted on 2009-05-05 01:32:17 by Homer