I usually do inline ASM in VC++ 6.0 which doesn't support SSE instructions (although it can recognize their op codes in disassembly). I usually like to single step through the program while I am learning a new set of instructions, to examine registers and such. What is a good tool that does both compilation and single step debugging?
Posted on 2009-05-05 01:59:31 by BinaryAlgorithm
If I recall correctly (VS6.0 is a LONG time ago), one of the servicepacks added SSE support to VS6.0.
Aside from that, you can use the VS debugger on any executable you want.
You could assemble your code with MASM and generate debug symbols, and then just open the executable with VS to debug it with sourcecode. I used to do it that way.
The assembly could be driven by a custom build step from the VS IDE, so you'd still have everything in one application.
Posted on 2009-05-05 09:36:53 by Scali
If you stick with MSFT tools, then it all should integrate nicely.

Like Scali suggested, you can use MASM and have it produce a PDB file (the debug symbols). Then use MSFT Debugging Tools (windbg or cdb) to debug the file. Source mode debugging is supported.
Posted on 2009-05-05 16:31:16 by comrade
The so-called "processor pack" updates the 'asm' part in VS6.0. Add support of new data types(packed integers and floats), new registers, as well as MMX and SSE instructions. And there are also a few service packs. The service packs are like ~100MB but the processor pack itself is about 1MB.
Posted on 2009-05-05 16:50:54 by ti_mo_n
Thanks a lot for that advice. The processor pack added support for the instructions I wanted to use so I can use inline ASM directly in VC++. Now I am going to profile the SSE instructions :)
Posted on 2009-05-05 17:17:22 by BinaryAlgorithm