Who loved it? Who didn't?

I saw it with some dbag-trekkie behind me loudly announcing each crew member as they appeared but I still thought the movie rocked :) I did have my concerns with the heroes dude Sylar as Spock but I was quickly suckered in - I didn't even mind Kumar as Zulu.

How about Uhura? She hot or what? How come she makes out with Spock? Who wasn't surprised by that?

So.. what did you guys think? Best one yet? The new Kirk convincing?
Posted on 2009-05-21 17:21:35 by JimmyClif
Yea, I really enjoyed the movie. The story build-up is very good and once they get on the Entreprise, it's really captivating. I think that the two main actors were good. I'm not much of a trekkie but it was very enjoyable. If I compare this Star Trek movie to the last one I had seen, this one is a on a totally different level. My only minus is that I couldn't watch the movie in the original version, I saw the dubbed french version. I felt I was missing something when I saw that Scotty, the teleport engineer was Simon Pegg, one of my favorite actors. He had no accent in the dubbed version =.=
Posted on 2009-05-21 19:09:27 by ChaperonNoir
I know what you are talking about with dubbed movies. I watched movies in either French or German when growing up and the voices made a huge difference in the "feel" of any movie. (Ex: First I saw Friends in French and when they later were shown in german I couldn't stand the voices and thought they seemed fake ;)) *g*

Although I must say that the dubbing skills in the .eu are amazingly good. They do put a lot of effort in casting the right voice and keeping it consistent throughout different movies afai remember.

I loved the movie... I wish I could go watch it again but my wife would probably think I'd lost all my marbles. Just have to wait until I can grab it on DVD. :(

I thought that the new Kirk was actually better than the old one.. Or maybe he's just like the old one but newer? I certainly hope there's another Star trek with this cast. Quite star studded though - hopefully this won't turn into a problem...

Posted on 2009-05-23 19:57:15 by JimmyClif
Goes the same, both ways, for me.

For example, I couldn't stand watching Empire of the Wolves with some geeky English speaker's voice dubbed over Jean Reno's. Instead, I kept the native audio language (French) and turned on the English subtitles ;)

Even worse, is when they dub over the voices of actors just so it sound more native, e.g. Hercules in New York.
Posted on 2009-05-23 23:08:47 by SpooK
Oh come on, Star Wars - Episode IV - A New Hope : English to Chinese to English version is an absolute laugh riot!!

Luke, there's a lemon in your behind!
Posted on 2009-05-24 03:15:27 by Homer
link ! link !  :lol:

Well guys we'll be seeing a sequel to this movie for sure. When a movie is that successful at the box office, the people who finance you are so going to ask you for a second one. If they keep their cast of actors, their technical team, they can get to work right away and produce another great movie!
Well I hope they do.
Posted on 2009-05-24 11:16:40 by ChaperonNoir