Hey Everyone,

Well, my math class is coming to an end and I thought I would post the few TI-83 Plus programs I wrote that have made this quarter one of the easiest so far. Now, keep in mind if you don't know these formula's, you should learn them... But I wrote these for the sake of not having to constantly enter in expressions where a lot of the time I might mess up and miss a parenthesis or something which could screw me up on a test. And once you get into logarithms and stuff like that, you really don't want to have to worry about if you closed all the parenthesis for the quadratic equation or whatever you are doing... So these saved me a lot of time on tests.

pgrmDISTANCE - Finds the Distance between two points.

pgrmSLOPE - Finds Slope given two points.

pgrmMOTION - Solves Motion for Distance, Rate, or Time.

pgrmMIDPOINT - Finds the Midpoint of a Line.

pgrmVERTEX - Finds the Vertex of a Parabola.

pgrmQUADFORM - Solves a Quadratic Equation.

You can pretty much enter these as is into your TI-83 Calculator's BASIC Editor. I thought I would post them because I've not seen anything like this on the web, only other ones I've seen didn't take things like Imaginary numbers into account. For those of you who are really astute, you may have noticed I don't error check A?0 in the pgrmQUADFORM. The reason for this is, if A=0 then your expression is 0x^2+bx+c and 0x^2 is, of course, 0... which means the expression is really just mx+b, which isn't a quadratic and deserves to throw an error message. ;)

I just thought I would share, if you find them useful. Great... if not, that's cool too.

Bryant Keller

EDIT: The forum bastardized the special characters so I posted them on some free web space I have for better clearity.
Posted on 2009-06-04 22:06:48 by Synfire