Is there a way to link VC libs int masm programms without them having to use the vc runtime library???
Posted on 2002-01-14 09:06:22 by theNOP
No. But there's a way to avoid depending on the dll ;-).
msvcrt.lib seems to import from msvcrt.dll . You'll want to have a
look at LIBC*.lib which are included with Visual C++.
Posted on 2002-01-14 10:21:50 by f0dder
The problem I see here is that the VC runtime libraries need initialization code in order to work. So you got 2 choices:

1. Make the program all in assembly and use the dll. The DLL will initialize itself.


2. Create a VC++ project and put the Assembly files on your project. This will make VC add the initialization code to the executable. Of course be sure to add the WinMain function to your project, because that is what the program will begin (since is a VC project after all).
Posted on 2002-01-14 18:32:42 by dxantos