Hey there,

I'm reading Randall's Art of Assembly (win32). There are some text bugs in the online versions of his book, both the .pdf and html versions.

For example:

It might just be that Acrobat Reader is rendering the text wrong, because those bits are just text layed out on the image. I'm using version 9 of Acrobat, maybe older versions render the text properly. There are many more examples of text numbers being rendered wrong. Anyone had problems like these? Do you know of a version of Acrobat that renders the text properly, or is this a problem with the pdf file itself? The html version has the same problem, except the images themselves are saved in this improper way.

I've allready sent an email to Randall, but still no replies. Perhaps he's just too busy atm. Anyway, let me know if you're rendering is fine. I'll try to dig up some application to edit the pdf files myself in the meantime.

Edit: I forgot to mention, this example is from the ISA.pdf file (Chapter 5 - Instruction Set Architecture). Also, I've tried Acrobat 8 and 7 so far, but no luck. I'll just have to convert to doc, edit it, and convert back to pdf.
Posted on 2009-07-11 05:58:48 by Andrew1108
After spending an afternoon messing around with photoshop & word (word was a horror show :lol:), I've managed to get all the tables sorted out.

Some snapshots..



I hope Randall won't mind, after all he is hosting this book for free on the web. I've uploaded a zip file with the replacement file "ISA.pdf" on rapidshare, for anyone that might be reading this book. I'm not taking any credit, as duly noted in the readme file. But if anyone has contact or is close with Randall please let him know about this. I've already tried e-mailing him but I've gotten no replies. I'll remove the link if he wishes so.

File link: http://rapidshare.com/files/254634454/ISA_Fix.zip.html

Note that the file can only be downloaded 10 times. If it expires and you need it again, please PM me.
Posted on 2009-07-11 11:55:33 by Andrew1108