It's up on -- this is largely a bug fix release, adds MachO64 support, and of course marks the first full release under the 2-BSD license.

Special thanks to:

- Keith Kanios, for Mach-O 64 support and Mach-O bug fixes;
- Ed Beroset, for kicking my arse over trying to ignore a real bug;
- David DeHaven, for reporting problems with x264 and working with us to fix them.
- Intel, for letting me spend time on NASM.
- All the NASM contributors over the years for agreeing to the license change.


(*) NASM is now under the 2-clause BSD license. See section 1.1.2.

(*) Fix the section type for the `.strtab' section in the `elf64' output format.

(*) Fix the handling of `COMMON' directives in the `obj' output format.

(*) New `ith' and `srec' output formats; these are variants of the `bin' output format which output Intel hex and Motorola S-records, respectively. See section 7.2 and section 7.3.

(*) `rdf2ihx' replaced with an enhanced `rdf2bin', which can output binary, COM, Intel hex or Motorola S-records.

(*) The Windows installer now puts the NASM directory first in the `PATH' of the "NASM Shell".

(*) Revert the early expansion behavior of `%+' to pre-2.06 behavior: `%+' is only expanded late.

(*) Yet another Mach-O alignment fix.

(*) Don't delete the list file on errors. Also, include error and warning information in the list file.

(*) Support for 64-bit Mach-O output, see section 7.8.

(*) Fix assert failure on certain operations that involve strings with high-bit bytes.
Posted on 2009-07-20 08:48:13 by SpooK
What is the change in the license?

Posted on 2009-07-20 11:40:13 by Biterider

What is the change in the license?


NASM went from LGPL to a 2-clause BSD license... which is basically the MIT license.
Posted on 2009-07-20 11:55:28 by SpooK