As you've probably read, I now have a working GINA stub.

The current execution order is thus:

gina.DLL -- STUB
msgina.DLL -- original GINA

Data is passed in the usual way backwards and forwards.

Now, if I call LoadLibrary from my stub, and grab the address of the necessary functions in my code and call them, will the data in my LoadLibrary version of the DLL be *DIFFERENT* to that of the msgina loaded through the forwarding exports?

This is critical as state data is required, amongst other things, and MUST match. Any problems and the system instantly dies.

Advice appreciated.

It is not clear from the MS docs how this is handled (although as I type I am re-reading it again to be sure).

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Posted on 2009-07-23 19:07:50 by Astro
Disregard - appears I've achieved what I wanted!

I would be interested to know though for the future.  :)

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Posted on 2009-07-23 21:45:22 by Astro