I am trying to port Microsoft's VB example from http://support.microsoft.com/kb/285879 to asm.  I think I almost have it but I can't figure out what's going wrong.  I analyzed the stack on the compliled VB and the stack of my asm program and it's the same from what I can tell.  I have constants for the MultiByteToWideChar conversions right now, those will get fixed later on.

wUser Byte 20 Dup (?) ;  Dim wUser As String
wPass Byte 20 Dup (?) ;  Dim wPassword As String
wDomain Byte 20 Dup (?) ;  Dim wDomain As String
wProg Byte 50 Dup (?) ;  Dim wCommandLine As String
wCurrentDir Byte 50 Dup (?) ;  Dim wCurrentDir As String

user DB "User", 0
pass DB "1", 0
domain DB ".", 0
prog DB "C:\windows\notepad.exe", 0
CurrentDir DB "C:\", 0

Invoke MultiByteToWideChar, CP_ACP, NULL, Addr user, -1, Addr wUser, 20 ;wUser = StrConv(UserName + Chr$(0), vbUnicode)
Invoke MultiByteToWideChar, CP_ACP, NULL, Addr pass, -1, Addr wPass, 20 ;wPassword = StrConv(Password + Chr$(0), vbUnicode)
Invoke MultiByteToWideChar, CP_ACP, NULL, Addr domain, -1, Addr wDomain, 20 ;wDomain = StrConv(DomainName + Chr$(0), vbUnicode)
Invoke MultiByteToWideChar, CP_ACP, NULL, Addr prog, -1, Addr wProg, 50 ;wCommandLine = StrConv(CommandLine + Chr$(0), vbUnicode)
Invoke MultiByteToWideChar, CP_ACP, NULL, Addr CurrentDir, -1, Addr wCurrentDir, 50 ;wCurrentDir = StrConv(CurrentDirectory + Chr$(0), vbUnicode)

Push SizeOf Startinfo ;si.cb = Len(si)
Pop Startinfo.cb

;CreateProcessWithLogonW (wUser, wDomain, wPassword, LOGON_WITH_PROFILE, 0&, wCommandLine, CREATE_DEFAULT_ERROR_MODE, 0&, wCurrentDir, si, pi)
Invoke CreateProcessWithLogonW, Addr wUser, Addr wDomain, Addr wPass, LOGON_WITH_PROFILE, 0, Addr wProg, CREATE_DEFAULT_ERROR_MODE, 0, Addr wCurrentDir, Addr Startinfo, Addr PI
.If Eax != 0
Invoke CloseHandle, Addr PI.hThread
Invoke CloseHandle, Addr PI.hProcess
Invoke GetLastError
Invoke MessageBox, NULL, NULL, NULL, MB_OK
Posted on 2009-08-25 14:36:03 by GoldStar611
Got it figured out. My local variables are being initalized with random data instead of zero's.  Is there a way I can initialize all my local variables with zeros?  Or should I just move it to .Data section because that seems to work.
Posted on 2009-08-25 14:49:26 by GoldStar611
You should always initialize buffers where it's required. The data section isn't guaranteed to be always zeroed (although it always is zeroed). You can use msvcrt.dll's memset - both for local variables and the data section.
Posted on 2009-08-25 15:08:54 by ti_mo_n
Thanks, I'll keep that in mind or write a short loop to zero it out first. I forgot that local variables were created with previously used space from the stack.  I can't believe that no code was available already for this.  I usually just go to google type in invoke function, addr blah blah and usually get come good code from various websites.
Posted on 2009-08-25 16:40:17 by GoldStar611