hi every 1.
i write this asm code with nasm that calling dll .
but exe is go crashing in my win xp.
what's wrong?
why when i use "nasm -f win32 test.asm "
error: parser: instruction expected
error: symbol `import' redefined
error: parser: instruction expected

; nasm -f obj test.asm
; alink -oPE test.obj win32.lib

import  MessageBoxA user32.dll
import  ExitProcess kernel32.dll
extern MessageBoxA
extern ExitProcess

title db ' ', 0
message db 'test', 0

push dword 0Eh
push dword title
push dword message
push dword 0
call MessageBoxA
push dword 0
call ExitProcess
Posted on 2009-08-27 03:22:32 by NMI13


there's no matter for replying!

I SOLVE IT! with Mr GooGle!
Posted on 2009-08-27 06:30:36 by NMI13