Thanks, Andy!

Thanks, Klod, for clearing up the "solution". Funny thing is, I've got 2.06rc10 on my box, and under Linux, it still works. If 2.07 is working for you, I guess we can consider it "solved". As Synfire observes, the Nasm development team makes an "improvement" from time to time. As you've observed, we/they sometimes introduce bugs on the way to the "improvements". Sorry this one caused you so much time and hassle! Thanks for the feedback, and keep it coming! (Nasm's users find most of the bugs, despite the improved test suite!)


Posted on 2009-10-12 15:51:16 by fbkotler
Hi Frank
No problem, I consider it as a part of learning. I choose Nasm because I wanted to learn more than just coding simple programs. I have in the past used other assemblers that have lots of functionality implemented as macros. This was easy to code with but whooaaa when it comes to debugging, especially since you used a macro someone else had written, you used it but did not fully understand its workings. My rule in using Nasm is to use only Macros that I do understand , Synfires macro is easy enough to understand but failed to work for me. This thread has left me with a very good feeling because I learned things I could not have done otherwise and especially because when I did need help there was help available, help of the highest quality.
One bug "learnt" is ten future bugs avoided.

Thanks to all that have contributed to this threat, especially Briant Keller, Spook and you Frank

Posted on 2009-10-12 22:02:52 by Klod