I finally got the first phase done, what a time I had. I changed my
concept on how to do it three different times and had to rewrite most
of it three times, so the code got a little messy. I spent about two
weeks getting rid of the flicker.

The first phase wil only create new Resources, Menus, or Dialogs it
can create a complete functional .rc file.

In the second phase I will integrate it into AsmEdit and it will have the
capibilities to edit an existing resource file or dialog.

Read the short Readme.txt file.

I used a couple of Ketilo's ideas, because I couldn't think of a better way.
I hope you don't mind.

Let me know how it works.

P.S. I will supply the source when all of the bugs are worked out.



This ResEditor is an updated version. The last
one had 77 downloads.
Posted on 2002-01-14 23:31:14 by Ewayne
I always believed in you, Ewayne, since had seen your calc years ago :)
I've noticed one thing:
in bmp section \ browse - apply mask *.bmp in the OpenFile dialog.
I use Borland WorkShop, and when you are done with the editor I suggest to change it to yours. I promise your name in credits of all dlg wich will be done with the tool :)
If it is possible - I get used to option - "edit as text".
Posted on 2002-01-15 02:01:26 by The Svin
Hi Ewayne,

W O W !!
Works flawlessly and it is superb!! I like the way you've implemented the layout using Tabs.

I know you've been working on this quite a while, and it shows...very, VERY IMPRESSIVE !!

I have NO BUG's to report at this time (I'll keep looking though ;) )
This will be a perfect addition to AsmEdit.

Posted on 2002-01-15 03:00:03 by gscundiff
Hi Ewayne

Very nice. One suggestion. Add a pointer button. As it is now there is no way to move a groupbox by using the mouse. Can't wait to see the source. :alright:

Posted on 2002-01-15 03:20:54 by KetilO
Absolutly incredible, I'm going to switch from borland right now this is so good.

One question, there's a black box beside the mouse when I drag something, is that supposed to display text. Currently I'm testing it on Win2K Professional.
Posted on 2002-01-15 03:57:31 by Eóin
To KetilO,

You can double click on the Groupbox and move it
or enter the x, y positions in the listbox.

I was thinking about using some system key and the
left mouse button.

Or I might use your suggestion.


Posted on 2002-01-15 08:18:27 by Ewayne
Hi Ewayne

I think my suggestion is better in many ways. As when you are browsing thru controls to set ID's or tab indexes. You dont risk drawing a control when doing this. In future you might also want a simple way to do a multi select,

Posted on 2002-01-15 08:25:22 by KetilO
To E?in,

That box shows the position or size of the control
that your moving or resizing.

I wonder what I'm doing that Win2k doesn't like, I
know it works on NT 4.0.

Maybe someone can offer some ideas.


Posted on 2002-01-15 08:33:48 by Ewayne
To The Svin,

Thanks for the faith, I need all of the help I can get.

I'll change the browse filter to whatever resource
your browsing for, .bmp, .ico, etc.

If it is possible - I get used to option - "edit as text"

I'm not sure that I know what you mean.


Posted on 2002-01-15 08:53:48 by Ewayne
To KetilO,

You don't want to look a my source code, you'll
die laughing, you should show us your source so
we all can learn somthing.

Just kidding.

Posted on 2002-01-15 09:01:20 by Ewayne
To KetilO,

I'll probably use your idea to move the Groupbox,
although I don't have any trouble doing the double
click move.

I've eliminated most of the accidental control
creation by requiring at least a 10x10 rectangle
size for any new control.

I've already started working on multiple selections
and alignment.

I'm also adding a x, y Forms cursor position in
the status bar, so you will know where your cursor
is at on the Form or Groupbox.


Posted on 2002-01-15 09:23:40 by Ewayne
Hi Ewayne

Don't believe my source is any cleaner. I'm just ashamed to publish it. :grin:

Posted on 2002-01-15 09:31:09 by KetilO
To KetilO,

Mine started clean, but you know what three rewrites
does to your original code design.

But to me it doesn't matter how botched up the code
is we can all learn from each other.

Any ideas why the position, sizing box is not
working on E?in's Win2k machine?


Posted on 2002-01-15 09:49:32 by Ewayne
Hi Ewayne

I use a topmost static window to display pos / size. I guess you do something simular. On the machine I have at work this leaves traces when the static moves. This does not happend at the machine I have at home, even if it is the same machine and same os. I don't have 2k or xp here, I will try when I get home.

Posted on 2002-01-15 10:05:39 by KetilO
Hi Ewayne

Tried it on 2k and xp. No problems that does not exist on 98.

Posted on 2002-01-15 11:20:51 by KetilO
To KetilO,

Are you saying that the Pos / Size box works ok on
Win2k and WinXP?


Posted on 2002-01-15 11:38:10 by Ewayne
Hi Ewayne

Yes, but you have a repaint problem on all os'es.
Posted on 2002-01-15 15:11:40 by KetilO
To KetilO and the rest of the group.

This is the first I have heard about a paint problem.
and I have received a few responses via email.

I don't have a paint problem on either of my machines.

Anyhow I'm posting a new ResEditor with some other
fixes and an added feature and maybe your paint problem
will go away with the new ResEditor.

I put in clipping on the controls on the form and
removed the clipping on the extract and I fixed
the alignment for the snap to.

Let me know if the painting works ok, if not I'll
try something else.



The following is an updated ResEditor.

The previous ResEditor on this post was downloaded
15 times.
Posted on 2002-01-15 16:55:24 by Ewayne
Hi Ewayne

Paint problem is still there. It happends when I dbl click a groupbox and drag it around.

Posted on 2002-01-15 17:13:00 by KetilO
First of all very nice tool, I hope it will grow and became soon a final version. I have no painting problems both with or without grid and snap. I use Win2k.

There is only a little graphical poblem with the green handles used to resize the controls. Sometime they are painted without the black border.
Posted on 2002-01-15 17:24:53 by LuHa