To KetilO,

Try playing around with WS_WS_CLIPSIBLINGS and the WS_CLIPCHILDREN styles on the Groupbox and
see if that helps.

What OS are you using?

If that doesn't work I will have to use your idea
for the Groupbox.

Thanks for the feedback.

Posted on 2002-01-15 17:35:58 by Ewayne
To LuHa,

I'll fix that.

Thanks for the Feedback.

Posted on 2002-01-15 17:39:42 by Ewayne
To KetilO,

The Dialog Tab now has a Move Groupbox checkbox,
the dbl left mouse click will no longer work, see
if that fixes your paint problem.

To LuHa,

The little green windows will now always have a
border around them.

To The Svin,

The resource browse will now browse with the proper
file extension.

To the folks above and the rest of the group.

You can download the latest ResEditor on the second
page of this thread, DON'T download from my first post,
because the time limit has expired for an update,
so it's not an updated version.


Posted on 2002-01-16 00:34:02 by Ewayne
Here's a bug:

Create a new dialog... goto style property... set the bit WS_MINIMIZE.. the dialog disappears, reset the bit back to 0, the dialog never reappears.

Same with button... on ExStyle, set WS_EX_STATICEDGE

Another nice feature that's implemented in most res editors is after a control is place, deselect the control button from the control box. If that doesn't happen, when you press the left mouse button and drag on the dialog more controls keep poping up.

Posted on 2002-01-16 00:57:39 by Asm_Freak
Hi Ewayne

No it did not help, and it happends on all os'es. What it seem to me is that the groupbox is 1 pixel to small. This leaves a black line at the right and at the bottom. The line is refreshed when I click on the groupbox so it must be drawn somehow. When I move the groupbox the lines are left behind and new lines are drawn at the new position. Very odd. I have noticed that you have created your own window class for the groupbox. What I did in RadASM to solve the groupbox problem was to first create a static and then the groupbox with the static as the parent.

Posted on 2002-01-16 02:03:20 by KetilO
To Asm_Freak,

On both of my machine the ExStyle, EX_STATICEDGE
for Buttons works ok and the Dialog doesn't
disappear when I set it's Style to WS_MINIMIZE,

All Styles don't work properly on all controls,
so a person needs to be careful and I'll do some
more testing.

I thought about deselecting the control button
from the control panel after the control is
created, but its nice to leave it selected if
your are creating several like controls, you don't
have to go over and select it each time.

Plus you have to have at least a 10x10 rectangle
to create a control.


Posted on 2002-01-16 02:07:02 by Ewayne
To KetilO,

Are you using the latest ResEditor with the Move
GrpBox Checkbox?

I've had a couple of other folks test it and they
said it works ok.

I even set the style to WS_BORDER and it still
works ok.

The moving rectangle is 4 static windows so nothing
is being drawn to the screen via a DC.

What OS's are you using?


Posted on 2002-01-16 02:22:09 by Ewayne
Ewayne: can you at least have an option, i think many users are use to that.
Posted on 2002-01-16 02:35:12 by Asm_Freak
Hi Ewayne

I tested your latest version on Win98, but I tested second version on 98,2k and xp. Same problem on all os'es.

Posted on 2002-01-16 02:47:24 by KetilO
To Asm_Freak,

Ok I'll move the Listbox down so I'll have room
for more options.


Posted on 2002-01-16 06:56:01 by Ewayne
To KetilO,

Strange problem you have there.

I had two other folks test the Groupbox move and
they said there was no paint problem.

One was on a WinME and the other was a Win2k.

There has been about 100 downloads and it would
seem like someone else would complain.

I've tried for the past 6 hours to recreate your
problem and I can't get it to fail.

I thought about putting the Groupbox on a static
control, but I went with ownerdrawn instead and
that might be where the problem is on your systems,
especially when you had the same problem with the
dbl click move.

Before I do a fairly big rewrite I would like to
know if there is anyone that has a move Groupbox
paint problem.

Anyhow I made a couple more changes to the ResEditor
to see if that fixes your paint problem.

This download is for KetilO only.


Posted on 2002-01-16 10:19:53 by Ewayne
To NaN,

You need to:
1. Select Draw a dialog.
2. Draw the dialog.
3. Select a control button to draw on the forms window.
4. Draw the control.

Is that what you are doing?


Posted on 2002-01-16 11:10:26 by Ewayne
Ya, I caught myself, and tried to fix my "post" before you caught it :) /Me feel dumb :)

I thought since i loaded the Sample resource it would show me the dialog box described within it.. (IDD_DLG01).

I Still havent been able to do this, but i *can* draw my own DLG's etc.

I should say tho, i love the layout. Dunno yet, but can you edit the display order? I place a Check box first, then a group box over it, and i loose sight of the CheckBox? I can get it to re-show when i select its ID from the drop box tho.

Posted on 2002-01-16 11:16:52 by NaN
To NaN,

The Sample resource is just for reference only.
I will display the Dialog that it refers to.

I Still havent been able to do this, but i *can* draw my own DLG's etc.

What do you mean (I Still havent been able to do this)?

Can you move the Groupbox without a paint problem?


Posted on 2002-01-16 11:30:04 by Ewayne
To NaN,

You need to draw the Groupbox first and then draw
the controls on top of it, because the the Groupbox
is the controls parent and it made it easier to
keep the controls within the Groupbox's boundries.

What do you mean edit the display order, do you
mean to have the text output in position order?


Posted on 2002-01-16 11:49:23 by Ewayne
Hi Ewayne

Groupbox probkem gone on 2k and xp, still exist on 98SE. Don't spend any more time trying to solve this. Btw the problem dissappears if I select WS_BORDER on the groupbox.

Posted on 2002-01-16 13:56:38 by KetilO
Sorry if it was my bad, short sentenced english :)

I realize the purpose of a group-box, but i dont always think of *it* first. Ie, place a few radiobuttons and then think, maybe it would be better to have it in a Group-Box. So you draw one. Then the previous Buttons are under the groupbox, unseen. This is what i ment about display order. They are drawn (i assume) first, and the most recient GroupBox last, covering them up.

"I still havent been able..." I was getting at being able to have the "sample" displayed to me in some way. I guess now, there is no connection at all between the Sample Tab and the remaining tabs?? Ie, its just a "look at me for ideas" text, and the various tabs dont know of its presence? Again this is how i got confused in the begining. I thought since i can see some rc source loaded (Sample) it would show a Menu, Dialog Box, etc. etc. in their respective tab options.

Dont get me wrong, i'm very please and happy to have a copy of your tiny 4K program! Just got a bit confused. :)

Posted on 2002-01-16 23:57:48 by NaN
To NaN,

I see your point, I never seen a resource editor
(except for Ketilo's) let alone use one to build
a dialog, I've always used my right pointer
finger, and sometimes I can get my left one going too.

So I never had the visual problem that your
referring to, I'll add this to my to do list,
when the Groupbox is drawn all controls within
it's boundries will become a child control to
that Groupbox.

Sample Tab:
I see your point there too, I'll put that on my
to do list also.

Thanks again for your feedback.

Posted on 2002-01-17 08:19:02 by Ewayne
Glad my stupidity can be of use ;)

Posted on 2002-01-20 02:01:37 by NaN
If I may...
I think, you need to make possibility to edit existing file as soon as possible.
Your editor works very well but is useless for pro work untill it allow to store result giving ability to return to it for further job and editing without complite recreation.

I wish you very BIG LUCK.
You need to finish it 'cause 99% of very hard job is done but this 1% can not be optional and without it your tool wouldn't get the glory that it absolutly deserves.
Posted on 2002-01-31 18:34:44 by The Svin