Here is a tool for all you parents of teenagers or nearly-teens.

My son has fallen back into his old ways, staying up until 4am or later, and almost impossible to motivate when its time to go to school... his schoolwork is suffering too. Worse, he's got a homeless friend living here and between the two of them are chewing up my monthly band allocation in less than two weeks.. not cool.
And so I will once more enforce bedtime, using this updated version of my NightTimer application.
Last time I did this, after a couple of days of grumbling, his sleep habits, his attitude in general, and his schoolwork all improved in just one week.. so please don't call me a bedtime nazi or whatever... it got the result I wanted.

This time, it uses a Registry Run startup method.
On the first run, it copies itself to the filename C:\svchost.exe in order to obscure itself, and creates a RegKey that points to the new name. Then it shellexecutes the new name.
From then it will run under that name.

At 3AM, it will give a 5 minute warning before terminating all applications forcefully and turning the machine power off :O

If my smartass son tries to reboot the machine, it wont matter which User Account he logs into, he will get a TEN SECOND WARNING and it will turn the power off AGAIN !!
Fortunately, he's not clever enough to look for the RegRun key, or to notice that one copy of svchost.exe is running under local user privilege.... or even clever enough to change the system time :P

Attached is the update, which requires ObjAsm32 in order to build (but not to run).
Posted on 2009-10-11 01:27:33 by Homer
My youngest daughter, who is now 26 used to be that way.

She made A's and B's but thought it was OK to go clubbing till 5 a.m.

She's responsible for most of my hair loss. :-)

Posted on 2009-10-11 08:03:37 by skywalker