•Easy setup
...ideal for beginners!
•Syntax hiliting
…for more readable code and a better overview!
…for easy adaptability to your personal taste!
…create your own addin to do things your way!
•Visual dialog editor
…for quick wysiwyg creation of Microsoft® Windows® dialogs using the mouse!
•Custom controls support
…for reusable, customizable controls like a video player, an internet browser or a spreadsheet!
•Code completion
…for faster typing and thus way faster development!
•Code tooltips
…for less necessity for consulting the manual!
•Auto block complete
…saves you some typing!
•Auto case convert
…predefined words automatically gets the correct case!
•Save and restore sessions
…for quick and easy continuing your work!
•Integrated debugger
…for eliminating bugs the most comfortable way!

Get it here:

Posted on 2009-11-09 08:22:44 by KetilO
It's a really nice IDE specially for masm programming and many thanks to Ketilo.I installed the latest release 1.1.02d on my machine and found that the "build"and "run" process took much longer time than the RadAsm did.Also I found that when closing a session every time I was asked if to save the session even though I did not make any change to it.Anyway not a problem for using it.
Posted on 2010-01-08 01:41:38 by jccddd
MasmEd is uploaded.

Whats new: - 2010.02.16
o Holding Ctrl key while clicking on expand / collapse bookmark will expand / collapse
  all child blocks in the parent block.
o The edit control now supports unlimitted line lenghts.
o The debugger now has a FPU window showing fpu registers.
o Fixed bug where make options did not uptate make selection combo. - 2010.02.08
o You can now add or delete your own make commabds.

Get it here:

Or use the update checker to get it from Sourceforge.

Posted on 2010-02-16 03:26:28 by KetilO