Hi All,
We have an in-built VB like scripting language embedded in our Windows app. Since the scripting language is a fairly complete VB clone, it supports the VB "Declare" statement to interface to external DLLs. Of course this requires some ASM language glue to push the VB parameters on the stack for the call into the DLL etc.

We need to go Windows 64-bit. I have ported the scripting language source to 64-bit and everything works fine.... except the "Declare" statement of course since the 32-bit 'glue' code that interfaces the runtime and the DLL uses some inline x86 assembly - can't do that  with the 64-bit compilers and of course the calling conventions are a bit different.

So basically I have to take a function of about 150 lines that is a mix of C and 32-bit ASM and turn it into a x86-64 .ASM equivalent ( Visual Studio 2008)

I think this is really pretty trivial for someone who knows their way around x86-64 assembly on Windows/Visual Studio - but that's not me!
And I know there are plenty of helpful people here who could probably tutor me to the point I might get this done.. but.... for any consultants out there ...we are prepared to pay someone to do this - but unfortunately as this has to be done through our regular accounting processes ( and a hard nosed accountant!) so you would need to have a registered business name and some references to show you know what you are doing. PM me.

Posted on 2009-11-11 14:01:32 by AndrewC
Good Luck. I'm sure you'll find someone for this task here.
Posted on 2009-11-11 14:07:58 by JimmyClif
Well, I think you should drop the requirement of x86-64 asm. You can most probably do this in vanilla C with some pointer arithmetic and function pointer magic. Will make future maintenance far easier aswell.
Posted on 2009-11-11 14:56:35 by Scali
I'm sure you'll find someone for this task here.

Yeah, the task is easy, but the "you need to have your own buisness registered" part may be a problem.
Posted on 2009-11-11 21:03:28 by ti_mo_n