Wonders idly if anyone else has been using .Asm with .Au3 (AutoIt) it'd be interesting to see... re: AutoIt Inline Assembly UDF perhaps you folk have suggestions for the AutoIt community?
Posted on 2010-01-25 17:48:06 by Spyke
Script engines are notoriously slow.
It would only make sense to use inline asm for the most expensive (processor wise) parts of your script, for example, to replace your most expensive loops.
In this case you will almost certainly see a very dramatic improvement in speed / reduction in cpu use.
You get to keep the complexity to a minimum, too.
However, if the reason a loop is slow is because it is intensively calling some slow api function, inline asm won't help, unless you're willing to write a new, fast version of that api function as part of the deal.
It's relatively easy to determine which loops are causing the biggest cpu bottlenecks, but often not so easy to determine WHY they are slow - you sure won't gain a speedup if all you're doing is calling the same api(s) from asm instead of from the engine, but things like sorted lists, searches and computationally heavy stuff will all benefit.
Posted on 2010-01-25 23:18:27 by Homer