I've written a Slashdot Story/Review regarding JWASM. This is mostly in an effort to further establish notability for JWASM's Wikipedia page, in which is currently being considered for deletion due to the lack of notability.

Wikipedia admins/editors have advised that such a Slashdot story may secure the preservation of said JWASM Wikipedia page, however, as is in life, there are no guarantees.

Please note, that due to the aforementioned Slashsdot JWASM story's current "pending" status, you will need to have a Slashdot account in order to reply to the story.

I am asking that anyone who is interested in JWASM or finds it useful, please commit to this effort in a positive manner and participate in the JWASM Slashdot Story/Review.

Thanks. -SpooK
Posted on 2010-01-28 23:29:48 by SpooK
Slashdot has decided to publish the story.

Thanks to everyone that offered their support.
Posted on 2010-01-29 14:47:04 by SpooK