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is there any linked list out there concerning masm? (i've found many linked list in c/c++. but found none for masm).

i'm looking for tutorial by the way... or example for masm would do just fine.
Posted on 2001-07-21 08:55:41 by disease_2000
NaN has written a linked list class (yes the classes the poll is about). But it's a linked class that links objects (well more accurate: DWORD values), so you'll have to rewrite it if you want to link anything else/bigger. However full source is available, including a tutor on how to write the class with the object tool, so it shouldn't be too hard if you want to rewrite it yourself.


edit: url is nan32asm.cjb.net
Posted on 2001-07-21 10:56:12 by Thomas
Yes... if your looking for something like this download it and check it out... I put only basic implementation into it... but it is fully functional... If you have any questions let me know i would be happy to help you understand it...

The list was built to house only one object handle.. (much like the lParam value in many of the controls you use)... If you want to store alot of data into the list however, all you need to do is write a new DATA object class to provide all the data fields you want to keep track of.. then place each instance handle into the list...

Currently the data object is designed to hold two text fields of information (32 bytes each if i remember). Anywho check it out..

Nan's Web Site...

Posted on 2001-07-21 13:23:17 by NaN
you know what? i want to cut both of you guy heads off! :grin: you gave me the link and i can't find it. where did you place what you want me to get? haahaha. next time, place direct link. that way, i don't have to run around (i might fall you know, cause banana is all over the place).
Posted on 2001-07-21 13:36:04 by disease_2000
This is quoted off my home page...

I have updated the Object Builder tool, as well as provided a tutorial on designing a LINKED LIST class. The full source is available as well as the compiled version. This should help spark your interest. I worked hard on this to get it out to you quickly, but there could be a bug I overlooked, if so E-Mail me, Thanx, NaN

I have added a new tool to build CLASS OBJECTS in MASM32! Some Documentation on objects (minimal) are included, there will be a tutorial posted shortly! Check it out in the Source Code section.

But Here is the direct link anyways...: Source Code Page.
(I can directly link the file as Anglefire doesnt allow it.. (dumb) but anyways...)


Posted on 2001-07-21 14:06:48 by NaN