Haven't looked too much at this, however, just curious...

How hard would it be to create a Floating point to String fuction to work with debug.inc? Such as PrintFloat

It would be infinitly helpful for me right now and I'm just curious if someone has already done something like that :) I'm not lazy honest

Posted on 2002-01-16 01:25:44 by Sliver
Hi, Sliver!:)
I'm going to release new version of DbgWin soon. I will add some new macros. But You can try this for a while:

PrintFloat macro Var: REQ
local szDebugNum
szDebugNum byte 19 dup(0)
invoke FloatToStr, Var, addr szDebugNum
invoke lstrlen, addr szDebugNum
add eax, @SizeStr(&Var)+4
invoke GlobalAlloc, GMEM_FIXED+GMEM_ZEROINIT, eax
mov ebx, eax
FillMem eax, &Var
mov dword ptr [eax+@SizeStr(&Var)], 203D20h
invoke lstrcat, eax, addr szDebugNum
invoke DebugPrint, ebx
invoke GlobalFree, ebx
Posted on 2002-01-16 07:52:37 by vkim