I'm cross posting here because I know some of you don't check the NASM forum...

As I explained over on the other board, I had been planning to write a NASM tutorial however personal/life problems have gotten in the way. During the "drafting" process of that tutorial I had written some examples of incremental complexity. Each example has a short description which describes what you basically should learn from that source. If anyone wants to extend off of these to write a tutorial, it's cool with me. I just hope someone finds them useful.


Bryant Keller
Posted on 2010-02-08 12:21:39 by Synfire
I hope to make time to do just that.
Be well, friend.
Posted on 2010-02-09 00:58:22 by Homer
Examples updated. Frank found some errors from when I removed a macro in early examples; there could be other errors. Keep a look out. :)
Posted on 2010-02-09 21:23:49 by Synfire
I'm now switching gears from Windows to Linux and would like to take a few small Linux examples and integrate them into NASMX.  Do you happen to have any laying around you can share?  The website link appears to be broken.

Anyone else have any small Linux programs written in Nasm that they don't mind donating to the cause?  Only code that can be released and licensed BSD-style accepted.  I will be making small changes to fit the new NASMX syntax.  Your original authorship will be retained.

Thank you.
Posted on 2011-02-17 17:47:11 by p1ranha
Yea, my domain name was moved over to the commercial range for my host, so they dropped me without notification. Here's the one I posted here. Let me know if you need anything else.
Posted on 2011-02-17 18:43:52 by Synfire