Hello, I'm posting this here since it is a more assembly-based forum:

BareMetal is a 64-bit OS for x86-64 based computers. The OS is written entirely in Assembly while applications can be written in Assembly or C/C++. BareMetal is not intended to be a full-featured Operating System by any means.

Development of the Operating System is guided by its 3 target segments:
    * Education - Provide an environment for learning and experimenting with programming in x86-64 Assembly as well as Operating System fundamentals.
    * High Performance Computing - Act as the base OS for a HPC cluster node. Running advanced computation workloads is ideal for a mono-tasking Operating System.
    * Embedded Applications - Provide a platform for embedded applications running on commodity x86-64 hardware.

BareMetal boots via Pure64 and has a command line interface with the ability to load programs/data from a hard drive. SMP is supported. Current plans call for PCI access, a more feature rich C/C++ library for applications, and network support.

Website is here: http://www.returninfinity.com/baremetal.html
Posted on 2010-03-15 11:20:10 by ReturnInfinity