The concept is a potentiometer (a/d input) controlling a dc motor, via wireless transmission (I would assume closely related to UART output); using an 8-bit microcontroller (avr "harvard" architecture). I would like a hint on how to assign bits to be manipulated verses the input frequency (around 5v or less, more precise, but, undecided, 3.7V (eventually translated to Hz in the baudrate equation, etc...)); all within an incremented/decremented value of output. I am confused to how the frequency levels are assigned to each position of the pot, bit-by-bit. I do not want each step to work as a stepper motor... sorry for the confusion, I need highly incremented bits to operate the output to the motor. Like an automatic transmission over a manual sort of jist.I am starting with something way out of my level of expertise, but, intend on figuring it out over time and the help of you guys.

Thanks for considering,

Posted on 2010-03-16 15:08:08 by Inglorious_Bastard