- 2010.03.29
o Added project handling.
  - The project browser handles project groups and sub groups.
    Easy drag and drop to move files or entire groups around.
    Caret positions, bookmarks, breakpoints, collapsed states and current grouping
    selection are saved.
  - Create a project from existing sources just by opening the source
    files and select Project / Create Project. If you also select a
    main file then no questions will be asked.
  - With a project created, MasmEd can comfortably handle large projects as there
    is no need to have all source files open to get full code complete and debugging
    capabilities. In addition caret positions, bookmarks, breakpoints and collapsed
    states are saved.
o Added View / Next Tab (Ctrl+Tab)
o Added View / Previous Tab (Ctrl+Shift+Tab)
o Added Option / External Files. Lets you open files in external tools.

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Posted on 2010-03-29 09:15:15 by KetilO