I can find out what the identifier is for a jpg file for use
with the bin2o program.

All I found was the one for a bitmap.

Posted on 2010-05-07 13:35:33 by skywalker
Check the extension? (lol)

Look for the jpg file format on the web :)
Posted on 2010-05-07 13:51:46 by JimmyClif
Umm, you're not making much sense to me. If by bin2o you mean one of the programs that turn a binary file into a .obj file you can link with the rest of your code, the identifier you choose really has nothing to do with the file content. You could use flafgiraf, skumfersken, haabloes, leverpostej or bananmos for all the linker cares.
Posted on 2010-05-08 04:21:25 by f0dder
I understood it as him using bintodb and checking for the BMP identifier. JPG should have one too afaik.
Posted on 2010-05-08 08:47:15 by JimmyClif
You want to look at the JFIF and EXIF headers - which are actually incompatible since each demands that it appears first - nonetheless both often appear. Look at byte offset 6 for the first signature.
Posted on 2010-05-09 00:04:27 by Homer
Thanks to MP3s with embedded pictures, JFIF and EXIF headers may be anywhere in the file, despite what the standards say. So if you want to be safe, just scan the whole file for any of those 2 headers.
Posted on 2010-05-09 10:02:00 by ti_mo_n