Hi All,
HLA v2.11 is up in the usual place:

HLA v2.11 includes several bug fixes (including most of the issues posted
here over the past month), plus:

* Added the new RPC (remote procedure call) code to the HLA Stdlib (now at v8)
* Modified all the HLA stdlib header files to generate different external names
  for stdlib functions to create a linker error if you try to link thread-safe and
  non-thread-safe code.
* Added @replace, @left, @leftdel, @right, @rightdel, and @curvar compile-time
* Added a new "hla.ovrldStr" macro to the hla.hhf header file to make it easy to
  create OVERLOADS strings when overloading class procedures and methods.
* HLA examples downloads include two new examples of remote procedure calls.
* Documentation is updated.

Randy Hyde
Posted on 2010-05-24 21:00:04 by rhyde
Wonderful! One more great job of Hyde! :D

Congratulations mate.
Posted on 2010-05-27 20:48:54 by nathanpc