Is there any open source boot loader to load a binary raw image(free format) into memory? I want boot loader passes control to BIOS code! 
Posted on 2010-06-21 02:04:38 by logicman112
Posted on 2010-06-21 03:27:16 by baldr
As far as I know GRUB understands ELF and COFF formats, these file formats have special headers and the code is relocatable. I just want GRUB to load an executable binary absolute file into memory. 
Posted on 2010-06-21 04:41:05 by logicman112

Why do you guess when the manual is available? 4.1.2 Load another boot loader to boot unsupported operating systems gives hint on how to load arbitrary sectors in memory and pass control there.

Alexei A. Frounze wrote simple Bin/Com/Exe bootloader for FAT12/FAT16, available here.
Posted on 2010-06-21 05:31:01 by baldr
Thank you.

Is vmlinuz (in Linux kernel) an ELF executable? Can i make a raw executable image from vmlinuz(without ELF headers and other meta data)?
Posted on 2010-06-22 01:16:22 by logicman112
GRUB also understands the multiboot specification, which will assist you in supporting any kind of image/object format.

You place a (valid) multiboot header within the first 8KB of the binary image, dword-aligned, and ensure the entry-point is coded for 32-bit Protected Mode.
Posted on 2010-06-22 11:41:48 by SpooK
It seems Grub understands some specific file formats ONLY, I tested this with a BIOS image.  Grub complains the file format is unsupported. 
Posted on 2010-07-06 22:33:32 by logicman112
Yes GRUB has specific object/binary support. For unsupported types, e.g. flat/binary file, read the contents of the multiboot specification link above.
Posted on 2010-07-07 02:08:06 by SpooK
thank you.

Is there any Linux tool to add multi-boot spec header to a binary file? 
Posted on 2010-07-07 02:46:42 by logicman112
Loading a BIOS image with GRUB sounds like wasted effort to me, as the system BIOS would already have initialized the system... and it probably wouldn't even work, since stuff like SMM would have been setup and locked.
Posted on 2010-07-07 06:01:08 by f0dder
In one instance, it sounds like he is talking about loading a 16-bit Real Mode flat binary that is making calls to the BIOS.

In the other instance, it sounds like he is trying to load a BIOS image (from somewhere?) and pass control to it.

Which one is it, logicman112?
Posted on 2010-07-07 11:57:46 by SpooK