Hi, im making a mergesort in mips, im learning and i get an error and dont know how to solve it, the code is:

  1.  IF1:      #aux=vector
  2.    add $a0,$a0,$s3
  3.    lb $t4,0($a0)      #Carga
  4.    sub $a0,$a0,$s3
  6.    add $t8,$t8,$s7
  7.    sb $t4,0($t8)      #Almacena 
  8.    sub $t8,$t8,$s7

with $s3=1 y $s7=0, i get an error on line 7 (address out of range 0x00000000),i think thiis would save vector[1] in aux[0], what im doing wrong??im using mars assembler, sorry about my english,please i need some help,lots of thanks
Posted on 2010-06-27 06:45:39 by sarote