Hi Everyone,

I've got a library of ASM books I'd like to sell as a set to an ASM devotee. I've been informed it's okay to post this here, so...

Here is the list of titles and what I originally paid for them. If you pay for shipping and make me a reasonable offer, they are yours. Or, if you're in the Los Angeles area, you can pick them up from me:

- Assembly Language: For Real Programmers Only by Marcus Johnson (SAMS) (ISBN: 0-672-48470-6) Paid $45
- PC Programmer's Guide to Low-Level Functions and Interrupts with disk by Marcus Johnson (SAMS) (ISBN: 0-672-30475-9) Paid $45
- Microsoft Macro Assembler Bible by Barkakati & Hyde (SAMS) (ISBN: 0-672-30155-5) Paid $35

- Assembly Language Master Class by Wrox Press (ISBN: 1-874416-34-6) Paid $50

- Assembler Inside & Out by Harley Hahn (OSBORNE MCGRAW HILL) $...came as part of MASM

- Zen of Code Optimization by Michael Abrash with disk (CORIOLIS GROUP BOOKS) (ISBN: 1-883577-03-9) Paid $40
- Advanced Assembly Language by Allen L. Wyatt, Sr. (QUE) (ISBN: 1-56529-037-2) Paid $40
- Using Assembly Language by Allen L. Wyatt, Sr. (QUE) (ISBN: 0-88022-884-9) Paid $30

Here's a fun one that's not exactly ASM, but a good reference on cryptographic techniques...

Applied Cryptography by Bruce Schneier (WILEY) (ISBN: 0-471-11709-9) Paid $50

And, my all time favorite ASM book that opened up whole new worlds for me...

- DOS Programmer's Reference by Dettman & Johnson (QUE) (ISBN: 0-88022-790-7) Paid $30

Finally, the best book on software development in the world as far as I'm concerned...

- Code Complete by Steve McConnell (MICROSOFT) (ISBN: 1-55615-484-4) Paid $31

Okay, folks, so whether you're just starting out and looking for a complete ASM library, or you want to round out your reference collection, please make me a fair offer and they are all yours. I treat my books very well, so most of them are like new, although a couple do have underlining in them and the cryptography book has a wrinkle in it from being in a storage box.

I hope this helps one of you become a top-notch ASM programmer.

Many blessings,

Posted on 2010-06-28 00:25:29 by jkalmar