Hi !

This coming fall, I am taking Assembly Language course, and like it always happens, the software required by the instructor are badly documented, no good IDE, and everything runs on Linux. In particular, we will be using GNU C compiler and GNU GAS Assembler, and some text editor.

I strongly dislike all the "text" editors like emacs for any development, even as hobby. (With all honesty, this shit drives me off the wall :mad:, I still don't understand why instructors in my college can't organize software, even in upper level course, and make life easy for all the students).

Will RadASM be able to work with GNU Assembler and do AT&T syntax ??? Any alternatives ?

Thanks !
Posted on 2010-07-19 17:47:01 by newprint
Agreed. RadASM is an incredible tool for coding assembler source.

However, my advice to you if you are going to coding for a Unix/Linux environment is that you become acquainted with those text editors that you currently despise. I personally have had many professional experiences where I had to sit down at a partner company's terminal to mod shell scripts or make small changes directly to a Test/QA server config file.  Let me tell you, vi will become your best friend.  Learn it, live with it, love it  :)
Posted on 2010-07-24 21:05:33 by p1ranha