Let's say we want to create a parking ramp by using Assembly Language 8051. How would a code should look?

A ramp is lift down (inactive), the driver presses a button (connected to INT0), after that the ramp starts to lift and after 10 seconds it's starts to descent again. In the 10-second period, all the buttons should be blocked, preventing a bill or ticket to be printed. After, going back (on exiting the parking lot, there is also a ramp.) This exit ramp shows the bill's bar code, and after reading the bar code, a signal is sent to INT1 which tells the ramp to start lifting itself again, and after 10 seconds it starts to descent again.

Thanks in advance to everybody,
Posted on 2010-08-13 09:21:42 by salfetka
Show us what you have so far, and we can send you in the right direction.
Posted on 2010-08-13 10:22:25 by SpooK
All I've got is this example for parking ramps, but the problem is that i don't know how to use the INT (0 and 1), and to apply the 10 sec. period on them. I should use 'counters' and 'interrupts' and 'oscillator'.
This is the project, that mine passing grade depends on and I got only 3-4 days to complete, so please, anyone that can help me I'll appreciate greatly.
As i said I only got this example:

  org 0
mov p0, #00
mov p1, #00
mov p2, #00
mov p3, #00
wait: jnb p1.0, wait1
acall here
wait1: jnb p1.2, wait
acall here1
here: setb p2.0
limit1: jnb p3.0, limit1
clr p2.0
switch: jnb p1.1, switch
setb p2.1
limit2: jnb p3.1, limit2
clr p2.1
inc a
mov p0, a
here1: setb p2.2
limit3: jnb p3.2, limit3
clr p2.2
switch1:jnb p1.3, switch1
setb p2.3
limit4: jnb p3.3, limit4
clr p2.3
dec a
mov p0, a
sjmp wait

We don't learn about microcontrolers, although we should. They gave me this project because i needed extra points to pass the exam.
Thanks at advance to anyone .
Posted on 2010-09-03 14:28:15 by salfetka