im curious as to where a return value of a function is stored in assembly. for example i enter a function..and then at the end i get to the return function...all it says is return 12h
where is this hexa value of 12 stored?
Posted on 2010-09-07 17:01:47 by dougfunny
if i good understand u then...

Function give u the returns for example in eax/in winapi.
That return value means something.
Sometimes function returns  pointer to value in memory.

If u want something other then my apologize.
Posted on 2010-09-07 18:00:02 by Duracell
Depends on the calling conventions. Many of them use the RAX/EAX/AX register for this purpose.
Posted on 2010-09-08 09:28:27 by ti_mo_n