DS : Data Segment. Pointer to the data.
ES : Extra Segment. Pointer to extra data. ('E' stands for "Extra")
FS : F Segment. Pointer to more extra data. ('F' comes after 'E')
GS : G Segment. Pointer to still more extra data. ('G' comes after 'F')

My question is what type of information would be in the data segment(usually) and what type of information for an application would i typically find in the extra segments(usually?)

Posted on 2010-09-15 17:48:17 by maybnxtseasn
    void *pTib;
    __asm {
        mov EAX, FS:[0x18]
        mov , EAX

im asking this i guess mainly because....how come toe Thread Information block is always located at the same position in memory? does the O/S load PIB,TEB structures of the process in extra segments? is that another purpose of the extra data segments?
Posted on 2010-09-15 17:53:35 by maybnxtseasn