Are all native x64 routines (non-syscall functions) on Linux compiled using fastcall?

Is the fastcall function naming convention similar to C in that a leading underscore is preprended to the func name or similar to Windows x64 without any name decoration or something else completely?

I know of the register usage for params but what occurs when parameter count exceeds specified registers?  Does this even occur?

I'm aware of the "Red-Zone" but can't tie this together with the previous question and I'm not getting good answers anywhere.

Anybody have a gcc assembly listing file of some libc routines that has these answers hidden therein they could send me? :)
I just want to tie up some loose ends before releasing more framework code, thank you for your help!  8)
Posted on 2010-09-19 22:09:26 by p1ranha
AFAIK, 64-bit Linux adheres to the AMD64 ABI.
Posted on 2010-09-19 22:37:45 by SpooK