Using Vista on another computer at a Senior Center, I made a directory using the extended
ASCII standard characters.

It shows up in explorer.exe, but not from a cmd window.

How do I get to that directory from a cmd window?

Vielen Dank.
Posted on 2010-12-03 18:50:46 by skywalker
Use the Alt+char code...  in explorer I created a new folder, and for the name I typed alt+0168 alt+0169 alt+0170 and in cmd I typed cd alt+0168 alt+0169 alt+0170 and it changed to that directory...  not sure what to use with alt+? use charmap to find out... 
Posted on 2010-12-03 20:25:10 by Gunner
Here was the solution to my question.

This particular example, when double clicked, will go from any thumb drive to the named c: directory.
To get the "8.3 name", you use dir /x from the root directory to get that name.

The directory was produced using z and ALT 255. (I wanted it to be the last dir in the tree.)

I use it on another computer, where I temporarily store stuff and delete when my session is finished.

I've tested it on XP, and I anticipate it working on Vista as well.

:: z.bat  Help from alt.msdos.batch.nt Mic,Todd,Frank,
::          Traverse from different drives
::          dir /x utilized to determine the "secondary" directory name
%windir%\explorer.exe  /e,/select,c:\Z0AA7~1
Posted on 2010-12-11 19:01:11 by skywalker