I've been offline for a couple of weeks due to a major switch upgrade in my area.
Rest assured that all is well and I am back in the saddle :)
Posted on 2011-01-06 21:01:02 by Homer
Better saddle than wagon I always say. :)
Welcome back mate.
Posted on 2011-01-06 22:29:31 by Synfire
Nice to see you here again  ;)

Posted on 2011-01-07 00:41:51 by Biterider
I thought you were absent because of those floods they were talking about in the news. Godd to know you're not under water or something.
Posted on 2011-01-08 11:19:45 by ti_mo_n
nice to see you back  8)
So the switch knocked out the entire area... for weeks?? I bet THAT didn't go over too well in the community!  :lol:
Posted on 2011-01-11 18:22:19 by p1ranha
Australia has been slowly rolling out fiber - huge distances, small population, little genuine competition, not much incentive.
It was my turn for the local ex-british telecom 1960s exchange to be gutted and replaced.
Unfortunately we've also had the wettest summer on record, which has made it difficult to lay the cables.
What should have taken three days became three weeks.
Posted on 2011-01-11 22:21:59 by Homer