well ive being making pong and ive been having some problems with the collision for the bat this is what i have i was wondering if someone could spot the mistake?


        MOVE.W ball_row_position, D0
ADD.W #ball_dimension, D0
        CMP.W #play_area_bottom, D0
        BNE.W ball

        MOVE bat_position,D5
MOVE ball_col_position,D6
Add ball_dimension,D6
        CMP D5,D6
        BLE ballout
        MOVE bat_position,D5
        ADD bat_width,D5
        CMP D5,D6
        BGE ballout
        MOVE.W  ball_row_displacement, D0
        NEG.W D0
        MOVE.W  D0, ball_row_displacement
BSR sound_collide

Posted on 2011-01-09 09:28:41 by Ozen