how can I add own buttons in the menu line, next to maximize, restore and close?
Is that possible ???

Greetings, Nordwind.
Posted on 2002-01-19 06:31:33 by Nordwind64
I've done it the brute force way, I tossed away the window caption entirely with a region, then drew it back myself, adding my own code animated buttons.

I gave up trying to figure out NC messages.
Posted on 2002-01-19 09:03:26 by Ernie
I think this is possible I have never done it but it would invovle trapping the WM_NCPAINT message in your windows proc. When this message is received you would draw the button on the window yourself. You would also trap WM_NCLBUTTONDOWN etc and check weather the mouse was clicked within the coordinates of your button.
Posted on 2002-01-19 09:04:54 by Quantum
You beat me to it ernie
Posted on 2002-01-19 09:06:18 by Quantum
Look at James Brown's Homepage. There's a tutorial about it... (and a bunch of other very good ones too... This guy is really a great coder !)
Posted on 2002-01-19 13:26:21 by JCP
Hello and thank you !

Readiosys: A very good link. He's really a great coder!

Greetings, Nordwind
Posted on 2002-01-20 03:36:05 by Nordwind64