any networking gurus around explain this to me.At school there is this network domain where all computers are connected to a server, then the I.T dept creates a user acount for you on the server and you can login using any of the connected computers.what kind of system is this and how does it work?
Posted on 2011-02-16 12:27:56 by ashken
I believe that is called a networked system. When you connect with a computer to the system and supply your credentials it is checked against the credentials the IT department set up for you. According to the Security Permissions you then gain access to certain areas of the network.
Posted on 2011-02-16 13:39:16 by JimmyClif
If you're using Windows at school then most likely they have an Active Directory Domain server providing credentials ( or NTLM if you're using older versions of Windows).  If you're using Linux it is either NIS or a Kerberos/LDAP system.  Basically the server validates who you are when you log into a workstation and tells the workstation what rights you have on that machine as well as rights to directories on other servers.
Posted on 2011-02-16 17:55:03 by p1ranha
you are right @p1ranha. we are using windows xp sp1 for the i only have to figure out how to brick the server
Posted on 2011-02-17 13:28:36 by ashken
if "brick the server" means you are trying to bypass your schools authentication scheme or hack the server itself then I highly recommend that you don't.  There are many logs that can be traced and once you're found out ( and you will given your limited knowledge of networking architecture) you can/will be expelled.  Risk vs Rewards not worth it...
Posted on 2011-02-17 17:27:52 by p1ranha
...and with p1ranha's wise words we lock the thread.
Posted on 2011-02-17 17:46:55 by JimmyClif