It's been forever that I fired up RadAsm and typed mov eax, edx or similar.

For the last few (is it really) years I have mostly maintained 1 lousy program I wrote and changing it on a weekly basis to reflect the changes necessary for it to do the work (as I was to lazy to code it properly in the first place).

I farted around with C# in the VS Editor which made work sooo much easier to accomplish.

I turned lazy and hired rentacoders/vworkers for some of my projects.... It's unbelievable what $35 can get you nowadays in South America. :shock:

But I am coding... ouch!!! The joys of having to create 32 edit fields, manually copying a byte from here to there, forgetting a ret in code and it all crashing (wtf? a ret? Am I that old?) - priceless fun...

Posted on 2011-04-11 08:08:44 by JimmyClif