how to print value of PE headers from an EXE file...
it can be done through vc++...........but hw through c language by using turboc thr any way...?

nd others like this....... help plz
Posted on 2011-07-04 06:22:10 by am2011
Same way you would do in C. I do not see the problem.

Detecting a Valid PE File
File Header:  < IMAGE_NT_HEADERS
More like this:  < Look under PE Tutorials.
Posted on 2011-07-04 08:05:20 by JimmyClif
thku sir for rplying....
but, if i am printing it in c its is shwng an error....

it can be done in vc++ by using windows.h, but how in c language...

if u can write a 2-3 line code to get evn a single value frm exe file peheader, thn thrgh that i can print the whole on my own....plz
Posted on 2011-07-04 23:42:07 by am2011
i also found difficulty in taking the values from binary files.
But i think the problem was
if you are saving a value in a binary file ex 0x11223344 the value will be in the form  .. .. .. 44 33 22 11 .. ..
so if you are taking the value in c,it will be 0x44332211 but in vc we will get 0x11223344 itself..
u plz check it using fprintf(handle,"%x",value);
if it is so,it is not difficult correct it..hope u wil gt it..
Posted on 2011-07-05 00:06:53 by harikrishnanm